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You need to be registerd with a CD-Keys to use this software, Register here.#4: Daydreaming about a house in the country, and how it would be nice to be a little bit more connected with nature. #5: Crazy cats. (And gummy bears. Gummy bears are always welcome). Okay, so let's see how my life has changed since moving to Ohio. #1: My first day of work. #2: I have a "teacher" for every class I have. (How could I forget that so soon after moving to the country?)Surgical approaches to midface fractures in children. Midfacial fractures in children are uncommon and usually occur after physical trauma. The traditional surgical approach is an external approach through the skin, subcutaneous tissues, and the periosteum. This article presents an overview of the current literature on pediatric midface fractures, with emphasis on the surgical treatment. We will also describe the approaches to midface fractures in children, including their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the major complications of these injuries are discussed.Friday, October 18, 2008 Atrocious politics I have just found a website called The Cheese Collection. It is a website that reprints some classic cheese adverts of the 1950's. It's rather odd and the adverts are actually really, really horrible. It is not a joke. The Cheese Collection brings back memories of those times when there were no flashy graphics and what we would now consider "edgy" ads were common place. However, I'm not surprised by their low rating. In fact, I am actually rather pleased. I am of the opinion that many of the ads, printed in newspapers and magazines, are actually not just awful, but are atrocious. It's not necessarily the ideas that are so wrong, they are wrong in execution. Sometimes you would say the ads are simply bad - what you might see in one of those offices. I'll admit that there are some adverts in the Cheese Collection that are just plain atrocious. But, there is a very important point to this post. Often people will complain that they don't like the ads they see in magazines and newspapers. They will complain that they are just awful and a bit offensive, and the advertisers are probably involved in the campaign and don't care what they are advertising because the message is all that matters. The problem



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